amy (chillypingu) wrote in cawineanddine,

Piatti in Yountville - Great food, company & wine!

i was in Sonoma last week for my company's user's conference. we ate at Piatti in Yountville. dinner was awesome. great food, great wine and great company. the only downer was the waiter spilled pasta sauce down my leg. i ordered the pollo di piccata or something like that. it was excellent. half of it was on my pants, but that's ok. they were very apologetic and offered to pay the cleaning bill and i got my food for free (not that it matters since the company is paying for it anyway)

we started off with their garlic bread, carpaccio, pancetta wrapped shrimp and a bottle of grgich hills fume blanc 2001.

the other people in our party had steak ravioli and i can't remember what else, but we enjoyed a nice bottle of red wine birolio or something like that. that was good, too.

finished off the meal with a second bottle of grgich hills.

we got to sit outside on their patio which was nice. especially since it was so warm that day and the evening was just cool enough to sit outside.
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